Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Apple iPhone 5S: which is better?

"An enriched life." This is not the catchphrase from Spike Jonze's latest film, "Her", but the slogan used by Samsung to praise its latest addition: the Galaxy S5.After more than 63 million S4s sold per year last, the South Korean hopes to put the cover back and bury its competitor of always, Apple.

After a week of testing, here is the opportunity to compare the new South Korean flagship to the smartphone with the bitten apple.S5 (Samsung) against 5S (Apple), therefore.

Beautiful, but too big

Taking the two phones, the first thing that stands out is their size difference (5.1 vs.4 inches).The result: Samsung's baby is ideal for watching a video or reading a text (on the web or a book).Especially since its full HD screen offers vibrant colors.

Yes, but ...the phone turns out to be too big, too wide.Too large to use its touch screen with one hand.Difficult to play "Candy Crush" while standing at the subway bar.The iPhone appears then as a good compromise.

For the rest of the design, the baby of Apple is still raised a notch above with its aluminum back and its glass face.Samsung does it again with materials that give a "cheap" impression: imitation wood cardboard box, mobile with plastic shell.For a device over 600 euros, we expect impeccable finishes ...

Samsung S5: still and always complex

At the South Korean manufacturer, however, we promise "innovation especially inside".By diving into the Galaxy S5, we find this good old Google Android system, always with the "overlay" (the modified aspect ) from Samsung.

Posted Date: 2020-12-20

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